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Village Life
Rev. Martin Mills

                 POP UP LUNCH at 12.30pm on Wednesday March 25thh will again be a Two course hot meal. Everyone is Welcome, all we ask for is a donation,  there is a Raffle and any profit will go towards a new kitchen.
In January we enjoyed a beautiful main course preparred by Anne Johnstone and puddings by local ladies so thankyou very much to all those who take time to both cook, serve and come along to eat and enjoy company, it is always well supported and good fun.

Arlington Bookclub got off to a good start with interesting conversation about the two very different books.  It is not necessary to read both or even either of these books to come along, everyone is welcome as we enjoy a coffee and chat. March 25th at 11 am in the community rooms, see bookclub feature for more info.

Community prayers in the chapel on Wednesday 25th March   All welcome
At 10.45am and 12.30pm 15 minutes of prayer for our community, friends and neighbours
Bibury Literary Festival
29th March we welcome Stephen Tomkins speaking about his new book “The Journey to the Mayflower” at 10.30am in the Chapel
The illegal underground movement of Protestant separatists from Elizabeth I's Church of England is a story of subterfuge and danger, arrests and interrogations, prison and executions. Stephen Tomkins tells this fascinating story - one that is rarely told as an important piece of English, as well as American, history - that is full of contemporary relevance: religious violence, the threat to national security, freedom of religion and tolerance of dangerous opinions.
This is a must-read book for anyone interested in the untold story of how the Mayflower came to be launched. Review taken from Amazon website
Coffee and Chat
Was your new years resolution to get more involved with your community? Or did you promise to loose weight,get fit or start saving?
Have you given up already?
Why not join us on the fourth Wednesday each month at 6.30pm in the Baptist Church Chapel for coffee and chat and talk about something that could really change your life for the better. What is true happiness? If you could change one thing about the world what would ity be?If you could have coffee with God what would you talk about?
Come and join us …...
World Day of Prayer    “Churches together service”  6th March 2pm at  St Marys Bibury
(please note different venue than published last month)
In Bibury this service formerly known as the “Womens world day of prayer” has been a non denominational service bringing our community together, written each year by a different country, this year it is Zimbabwe.  As we participate in this service we are part of a great wave of prayer encircling the globe, joining over 120 countries and islands in worship.
This year the school are taking an active roll and the children will be singing and joining in with the service which will now be held in the parish church in Bibury.
Please come and join us this will be a colourful insight into the lives hopes and fears of the Zimbabwian  people.
There will be Tea and Cake afterwards